Power Duo


A dreamy bundle for every hair colourist. Are you ready to achieve seamless results and elevate your colour application? The Colour Tools Power Duo helps customise the way you colour and allows you to experience new ways of being creative with your artistry.


The Power Duo Includes: 

Colour Tools Brush 

Improve colour efficiency with the must-have addition every hair colourist needs. The Colour Tools Brush is perfect for large area hair painting. It is masterfully crafted to reduce harsh lines, deliver accurate colour application and, most importantly, help hair professionals globally achieve seamless results.

Balayage Board

Perfect for all hair lengths, the Balayage Board provides great support and is the essential tool for freehand colour application. Create consistency with your colour placement and have complete control and stability while painting.

Level up your salon game and upgrade your tool kit with the Power Duo.


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